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Millionair Club Charity is a 98-year-old Seattle institution that has changed the lives of thousands of men and women through job opportunities and supportive employment programs. As we approach our centennial, we look to make a change in our branding that will reflect our modernized Temporary Staffing Agency and its mission. The attached RFP is […]


Blake was afflicted by drug addiction from a young age, and he is now fighting his way out of homelessness after a brush with death.

Even in a controlled setting, the image of homelessness is difficult to look at. How does it make you feel, what do you wish you could do about it, and how can you realistically help the crisis?

What are the odds of finding an estranged sibling in a city with millions of inhabitants, commuters, and tourists when you have no way of knowing their whereabouts? Pretty slim to none. However, after a three-year hiatus with no phone calls, meetings, or message exchanges, just such a reunion occurred in the Millionair Club Charity’s […]

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