A Jobs First Solution

to Homelessness

Millionair Club Charity is a

Temporary Staffing Agency

with Supportive Services.

Millionair Club Charity is a Seattle non-profit Temporary Staffing Agency that connects people experiencing homelessness and poverty with dignified jobs and supportive services. We help people overcome barriers to employment by providing job training, meals, vision services, career coaching, and more. Learn More


You see the growing homelessness crisis every day, and it’s hard to know how to help. The Millionair Club Charity believes everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their life, so we provide a unique combination of job readiness services and temporary staffing opportunities as a solution. Our supportive employment program gives hope and verifiable income to people experiencing homelessness and poverty. These are the tools they need to become stable, find housing, and help build a healthy community.

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Our proven jobs first program gets people back onto the path of self-sufficiency. In 2018, 1,033 people became job ready through Millionair Club Charity’s Temporary Staffing Agency and earned over $2.6 million in collective wages. For those experiencing homelessness and poverty, this money is the difference between starvation, eviction, and getting their families off the streets. In the last few years, hundreds of Millionair Club Charity workers earned permanent job placements and housing referrals, and this translates to tens of millions of taxpayer dollars saved in public service expenses. Learn More

Employment Breeds Success

Former Millionair Club worker Abi is a shining success story. See how she turned her life around and found hope, happiness, and success through our program.

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